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CASE STUDY: Rosetta Stone - Academy for International Education

Deborah Dalziel
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The Academy for International Education (AIE), Miami-Dade County School District, needed a language-learning program to build bilingualism among all students through focusing on biliteracy in their native language.

AIE wanted to combine technology with pedagogy for a blended solution that would drive success of the program.

Through independent study in designated computer labs, students were assigned the Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3 for K-12 solution. This was done on average 4-5 days per week for 20-30 minutes per session.

Focusing on strengthening all skills of the learner's native language, the academy was able to leverage this skill development to enhance outcomes in the English language classroom.


  • Increased achievement to Common Core standards;
  • Improved bilingualism and biliteracy of students;
  • Promoted 21st century skills for participation in the global community;
  • Supported brain development and growth in achievement in other academic subjects;
  • Completed traditional instruction to address unique needs of digital natives.


Want to know more?

Click here to download the full Case Study from Rosetta Stone, or check out our language learning solutions for K-12 in Australia and New Zealand.


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