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How to Involve Parents for Greater English Learner Success

Deborah Dalziel
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Technology-enabled language learning can help EL parents with limited English proficiency improve their communication skills, empowering them to form stronger bonds with teachers, support their children’s academic outcomes and strengthen social and community bonds.

According to Rosetta Stone, research shows that nearly all K-12 teachers want parents to participate more in classroom activities.

The reverse is often true, too: Many parents would like to have a more visible, active presence in the education community.

In many school communities, it takes the involvement of students, teachers, and families to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and valued—and that requires English language proficient parents.

It is often impractical for EL parents to acquire English language skills on their own. Therefore, schools turn to EdTech tools to bridge the language gap and give EL parents access to efficient language learning instruction.

A recent eBook explored how a tech-enabled English language program for EL parents empowers them, involves them in their students’ schoolwork, and strengthens community ties.

Deeper involvement

Parents who speak English well can participate in their students’ academic work. According to an article from the American Psychological Association, research links parent engagement and educational outcomes such as attendance, grades, and scores.

Higher graduation rates

An independent study on parental involvement found that parent participation in school functions had a positive influence on students, reflected in graduation and postsecondary enrolment rates.

Homework achievement

EL-proficient parents can reinforce school lessons, attitudes, and expectations. An EdSource and New America Media report found that better teacher-parent communication improved homework completion rates and increased classroom participation.

Finding the right tools to achieve these laudable goals is paramount. EL parents who improve their English language skills:

  • Develop stronger bonds with teachers;
  • Support their children's academic outcomes;
  • Strengthen social and community bonds.

Want to learn more?

  1. Download the eBook 'How to Involve Parents for Greater English Learner Success' from Rosetta Stone.
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