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5 Ways Technology Can Improve Language Learning in K-12

Deborah Dalziel
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There are also lots of advantages of integrating technology into your language education programs.

Here are our top 5:

The use of technology in schools is on the rise

According to a report published last year by Dell Technologies, 85 per cent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't even been invented yet.

With technology undoubtedly driving the majority of change in the workforce, implementing technology into modern education is a no-brainer.

Technology enhances classroom learning

Brining technology into the classroom provides new ways to keep students engaged by immersing them into language learning experiences. Language learning technology can provide diverse experiences and a real-time feedback loop, giving students the instant gratification they're used to in today's connected, fast-moving environment.

Technology supports diverse initiatives

The use of technology for language learning in K-12 provides opportunity to extend the learning experience well beyond what is possible with traditional learning methods.

For example, language learning software provides access to learn a variety of languages, opening up a whole new work of possibility to students.

Technology encourages learning

According to Rosetta Stone, 75% of teachers sae technology allows them t motivate students and accomodate various learning styles.

Another 75% of students say they're able to achieve their goals more effectively with the aid of technology.

Technology is fun and interactive

As digital natives, today’s K-12 students engage and gain language confidence when technology is involved.


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