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World Language Skills for the Global Stage

Deborah Dalziel
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For business' competing on a global stage, ensuring employees and managers are world language proficient is a must.

According to a survey of corporate language learners, language training increases employee and customer retention, boosts employee engagement, and enhances workforce development.

The same survey found that:

  • 70% of language learners are more confident working with teams, partners and vendors;
  • 63% of language learners feel more engaged in their work; and
  • 58% of language learners are more likely to remain in their current company.

Global management training increasingly relies on technology solutions that are reshaping how and when training content is delivered.

Before choosing an in-person or online language training solution, you should consider which of the following attributes is right for your business and employeers:

  • In-person training - teacher or tutor uses traditional instruction in a live classroom setting.
  • Online program - language learners receive interactive training anywhere, anytime.
  • Virtual 1:1 training - computer-based instruction where teacher interacts via video.
  • Textbooks - printed training materials used by language learners.

Adding world language learning to global management training prepares employees to work on international teams and toward market and global expansion.

Forbes Insights survey 200+ global executives to understand the impact of language training on their business and employees. This is what they found.

Language-trained managers:

  • Drive innovation,
  • Enhance productivity,
  • Strengthen communications, and
  • Collaborate across cultures.

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