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CASE STUDY: Rosetta Stone & Sydney Catholic Schools

Deborah Dalziel
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Sydney Catholic Schools believed that new language-learning opportunities would further develop students' literacy and critical thinking skills.

Some of their primary students used their native language other that English, while other students were native English speakers whose family heritage had cultural ties to a world language.

Sydney Catholic Schools did not have the capacity to place language teachers in their primary schools, so sough an enrichment solution that could serve a large number of students with a variety of language interests.

They decided to trial Rosetta Stone Language Learning Suite for K-12 in 18 K-6 primary schools, offering a digital language learning solution with access to 24 languages including English.

This innovation investment provided a number of benefits that include:

  • Encouraged problem solving and independent thinking;
  • Gave parents a broad selection of languages for their children;
  • Allowed students to learn from home and in school;
  • Aligned with the Sydney Catholic Schools strategic improvement plan for innovation;
  • Complemented students' ability to use technology naturally.

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