EdTech Creates Opportunities for World Language Learners

Tech-enabled world language learning can accelerate student progress, enhance instruction, complement in-class lessons, and lead to better academic and career outcomes.

Students with strong world language skills can acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures and engage more confidently with peers from different backgrounds.

While teachers, curriculum directors, superintendents and principals have the zeal to instruct students in multiple languages, the resources aren't always available to support that effort.

Often there are not enough language teachers or resources to handle the demand and to manage the wide range of student issues associated with language learning. Fiscal constraints mean some schools are unable to hire more language teachers or provide the resources necessary to offer a comprehensive language learning program.

To address these urgent issues, many schools are turning to technology-enabled language learning solutions. This eBook from Rosetta Stone will explore how EdTech world language solutions support teachers' curriculum objectives and give students more opportunities to study a new language.

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